Power Loss


in case of Power Loss, is it possible to save the state of the print and start over from that point?
I did not find any topic on this.

I do not print from SD and Marlin or other solutions are always from a print initiated from the sd card.
I use software to manage the printer so I would like to have the option to save the state of the print and in case of power loss, to recover the print from the point it stopped.



  • In combination Repetier-Firmware 1.0.4dev and Repetier-Server that is possible. Repetier-Server is our only product supporting recover.

    If you use any other firmware recover will still work but it will not know exactly where you stopped, so you need to select the starting point manually. Works quite good if the pc running server does not also loose power or if it was just a usb disconnect. Works better if firmware can send a message to detect power loss early.

    You can still print over host using repetier-server connector, only for recovering you need to switch to server gui.
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    ok. I use repetier host and have Marlin firmware on the custom printer.
    Isn't possible to recover from repetier-host by saving the state/layer at which is printing? like resume print?
    Got cases where power was lost or print stopped, and just want to restart the print from where it was stopped.
    I am going to print for a couple of days so having this would be great.
    Maybe is a feature request?
  • As said repetier-server can do that. It logs positions send and can continue. Problem is just when you loose power the end of log will be missing and firmware will not tell where it stopped. So it is then up to you to find the correct position. Server will show until where it logged and the gcode in question and you just say from where to start.

    You also need a way to find correct xyz position. For xy you can say to home xy which normally works. For Z you can do z max homing or assume you start at last Z so you define Z with G92 (ok server does that). And hope firmware does not require homing z in that case. If firmware requires home z to move and you have z min homing you are lost anyway.
  • I think there might be power loss due to voltage fluctuations. Contact the support team for help!

  • I had this same issue and got feedup of it, after loosing a 5h+ print. I have now configured repetier server to make use of its recovery function. It works flawlessly, so I decided to put the procedure in video as it might help others.
  • thx for the feedback.
    So can the repetier host and server be on the same machine, I use a linux laptop.
    Also is there a host/server configuration video setup I can see? @CraftMaker my spanish is not perfect ! :)
    I really need to implement this setup as my printer is custom and prints are couple day long!
    thx again
  • @CraftMaker Nice video, like it.

    Server and Host can be on the same pc, no problem. Just use Repetier-Server Connector to connect to printer in host. In fact host is not required for printing but nice for creating gcode and sending it to server.

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    great thx! I am sure will find some video tutorial online!
  • mine always tries to resume with the wrong extruder where can we find the file to correct? also currently In a situation where power was restored before server was online so pi has no ip adress for me to acess unsure how I will even get the restore process to run last time this happened the recovery option was not available . I think it was because I put filament in the other extruder when printer came backonline catch 22 if I leave filament in the other extruder it breaks off from wear and tear because its moving with the other extruder
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