tevo tornado

hello my repetier server will connect to my printer and show that it is connected, but it will not receive any status of heat temperatures, and will not control the motors at all.  I have not tried to send a file to it to print yet, but I will once I get the server to work properly.  I have tried every baud rate and I have switched com ports and made sure it changed names in the settings to ensure I had the right com port selected.  I am using a raspberry pi with a touch screen.  

thank you in advance.


  • Have you set firmware to Marlin? With Repetier-Firmware it will not answer. Should only get green on right baud rate. Check in console if you see communication (commands, ack, enabled, M105 filter disabled). That might show where the problem is. E.g. if only "start" appears the DTR/RTS setting might be wrong if firmware is set correctly.
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