"Low memory available, stability problems may occur."

I am sorry if I choose wrong category. I am building a delta printer. It is so simple that it has one extruder and one heat bed 4 stepper motor, 2 termistor etc. I configured a simple firmware for Ramps 1.4 based Arduino Mega. When I uploded the firmware to arduino, "Low memory available, stability problems may occur." error occurred.

I did not understand reason of error. The firmware is the simplest firmware to create on repetier configuration tool.
Could you please help me to pass over the problem?

Thanks in advance.


  • That message comes from the compiler knowing that you have only 8kb ram and it thinks you are low. As long as free ram is 900-1000 bytes it is enough to work. If you are higher reduce number of subsegments to reduce memory usage. But not too much. You want that value high, but must ensure that ram condition is also met. Then everything should be fine.
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    I understand what you mean. As much as i searched, when the compiler give an error like this, the code can not work properly. But the problem is that, I have 1266 bytes free. When i uploaded this firmware to arduino, the stepper motors did not work despite autohome command. I am using ReprapDiscount Graphical Display. I recognized that when i remove the LCD from the firmware, the firmware works properly. But I need LCD.

    When I create a Marlin firmware having same component, it is fine with LCD. But I want to use Repetier.
    Repetier firmware have so much data on SRAM. I want a more efficient solution.

    Thanks for help in advance.
  • With lcd make sure to only select one language. With all languages selected you exceed the 64kb for text leading to strange errors. As said the 1266 byte ram is ok, that is not your problem.

    Also the graphic display is a bad idea for 8 bit processors and deltas. Not that it does not work but it consumes at least 10% of CPU power, so you should not touch it when you are printing. The updates when scrolling/changing values can block the moves reducing print quality by using 100% for display updates. Also not as nice the 20x4 char is superior here.

    Hape that was already the problem, otherwise change EEPROM_MODE to next value in case a eeprom value causes problems. You sometimes get that when switching from an other firmware.
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