2.1.4 Host - SCRIPTS buttons are not acting correctly.

Pressing (1) doesn't do anything.
It appears (2)-(5) have been changed to (1)-(4).
Maybe someone is counting from 0 in one line then begins counting from 1 in another?


  • Yes, you are right. The continue pause script was added and the manual buttons were not updated. Use Ctrl+Alt+1-5 to send the scripts. There I had updated the script ids. For manual buttons I have fixed it for next update.
  • maybe this has something to do with my problem with 2.1.6?
    The #1 script no longer has the tool tip I assigned to it. That tool tip now appears on script 2.
    1= a generic tip, 2=1, 3=2, 4=3, 5=4
    They all function as they should, IE 1=1, 2=2, 3=3, 4=4, 5=5

    2.1.4 worked fine for me.
  • Yes, that is exactly the reason.
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