Create a solid base layer for elevated objects

I'm trying to figure out how to create a solid base layer to start elevated prints on,  basically anything where the main body is elevated and a few small parts touch the bed, I can't get a good stick all around.  Everything I print with a solid base that's flat on the bed prints perfect.  So how do I go about building my rafts and support material off of a solid layer or 2 without creating the base within the 3D imaging program I'm using(how I've been doing it so far)?  I'll repeat this as clear as I can.  Is there a way to create solid layers before rafts using Slicer?  Or any other slicing tool for that matter.


  • I don't think so. Rafts need some space for first layer as they assume different heights. You may be able to increase density of raft but 100% solid on first layer makes no sense. 

    If your problem is that it does not stick good enough for sparse prints you do something wrong or it can be improved.
    - Use correct bed temperature for material
    - Use correct filament temperature
    - Check distance. If gap is too big it sticks much less then when you are close.
    - Change bed material that works better or add spacial 3d printer spray, glue, other surface like BuildTak or alternatives.

    I actually never print with rafts and it works good as everythings sticks well to bed.
  • Have you tried using brims ?
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