Azteeg X3 Pro - 7th and 8th driver problems

I'm having issues using the 7th (or 8th) driver my Azteeg X3 pro board.  Everything works great on the first six drivers.  I recently added a second extruder that I can't get to function correctly. I think it is a firmware issue that I could use help identifying.

I've tested the motors, drivers, and wiring - all of which work independently by when i flashed a test sketch.  I was also able to get the new stepper driver to run when using Marlin - but I don't like marlin and would rather use repetier.

I've been using repetier host to send gcode.  Any thoughs?


  • I have the same board with a printer using 7 motors and it works well. Make sure to have selected the right board and that you have selected the right stepper driver in configuration. I'm sure E0-E4 are the drivers to assign. E3 should be 7th and E4 8th driver. To be sure you can compare pin numbers with official numbers in the datasheet.
  • Thanks.  I'm double checking the configuration.  Hopefully that will reveal something.  

    It looks like you posted a copy of your config on another thread.  Thanks for doing that. It is a nice sanity check.  Cheers.

  • SOLVED  -
    Well I'm an idiot... 
    EEPROM was set wrong

    Thanks for the help.  
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