Extruder runout question

I would like to know how to unmark my extruder as jammed after I have inserted new filament.
My printer's configuration is a simple switch like device that ground when there is no filament present. My config file has 
#define JAM_METHOD 3
#define JAM_ACTION 1

Even after the lcd actions taken to reload filament and continue the print, the display still shows jam on the display and continue to beep.
How do I clear the error?


  • Try  - M513 - Clear all jam marker.
  • Thank you for your advice, is there a way to automate this in the jam action code? I do not want to interface with the host on a jam action, but rather the lcd controller.
  • If you use LCD this is done automatically with the change filament wizard. For host/serve just put M513 in continue pause code.
  • Not on my printer running 1.0.4dev
    The extruder remains marked as jammed and the beeper beeps
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