Communication problem

Hi.Has anyone managed to get Repetier Host to communicate with the Alfawise U30 printer? I would be very grateful for any help. I had no problems with my old Anet A8 printer. I really like Repetier Host and want to use it with my new printer.



  • Will someone please reply?
  • What board does the printer use? There are known issues with malayan boards needing a special DRT/RTS setting which you can not in host. We plan to add these settings to next release. Until then you can use Repetier-Server as printing daemon with repetier-host. There you can select the settings: 

    RTS High, DTR Low, and Malyan fix unchecked. 

    That is what was reported to work.

  • Thank you for your reply. The printer uses a Longer board, I do not know where it is made but Longer is a Chinese company who make a 3D printer identical to my Alfawise U30.
    I will download Repetier Server and try your suggestions.
    Thank you.
  • I have downloaded Repetier Server but can not find where to select the settings you suggest. I still get 'one command waiting' message all the time.
  • in server Printer-Settings under Connection are 2 Dropdowns for DTR and RTS where you set it. You need to connect using server and host must then use the Repetier-Server connector, not the serial connector.
  • Thank you. I will try again
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