Jobs printing mirrored

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This is an unusual problem I think, I've never heard of it before anyway.

I'm not sure whether this is a Host problem but as different firmwares still produce the same problem I thought it may be.

Whenever I print a job that is handed it prints it mirrored, eg if I was printing the letter E it would print a 3 if you understand what I mean.

I've looked through all the settings and can't see anything that would cause or correct this issue.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the problem ?

Incidentally, if I place the job in the Host and then select the mirror option it will then print it correctly.



  • That is a firmware issue. Your x or y axis needs to go in the other direction. Be cautious your end stops are then also wrong.

    If you look from front on your printer 0,0 is the left front edge of the bed and the right back edge is max position. Simply move with host manual move to these coordinates and you see that one of the axis is mirrored giving a mirrored print.
  • Of course !! I was thinking about the Y axis on an industrial CNC I operate and on that machine the cutter head moves in all axes the bed being stable, this reverses the y axis which is where my problem is. I just needed to move the y min endstop to the rear of the machine instead of it being on the front and of course reversing the direction of the y motor.

    I'm using a Prusa Mendel and the bed now moves away from the front when performing a home operation leaving the hot end at the front left side as you described.

    Thanks for your help, much appreciated


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