problem with homming and manual control

i ve built a custom 3d printer running with arduino due(without a shield)
every was working fine until today evening i started my printer and when i try to move y axis one of the x motor move along and when i try to hone y axis also x axis moves with it 
i checked the circuit for shorts and i found that pin D4 is shorted with pin D3 and D5
(D4 dir x left .D3 pul x left.D5 step y )
even when the arduino is unpluged the same short is detected 
so the question is that normal or my due board has gone faulty
thanks in advance 
regards @Repetier


  • Not normal I'd say. Every output should be controllable independently.  
  • yeah you right 
    i ve solved it it was a short due to a fried optocoupler on my custom shield  everything is running fine now thanks @Repetier
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