Extract and merge objects from groups

I have several objects in one group and i want to print them seperately. I can remove individual objects easily enough but how do i move the remaining objects together to keep them all in close proximity and in the same group ie: i effectively need to be able to merge multiple groups so i don't get the "out of the printable area" message in slic3r.


  • So you want to print them all at once but separately one after the other?

    You can move individual objects by activating them and them and drag them with right button down. One grid is 1cm so it should be easy to decide if gaps are big enough. Autoplace will not leave enough room for that so you need a manual positioning.
  • Thanks for the reply, however i don't think i explained very well? Maybe the uploaded image will say more. From the original file i have removed 8 ribs i don't need leaving the 3 i do need but they are  really too far apart and they need lots of support. For this reason i want to move them closer together for printing. It seems that because they are all part of the same file i can't move any individual part closer to the next.
  • Ok, now I understand what you want. In object placement open the analysis (gear icon for file) there is a function to split a file into individual objects. After that you have 4 objects you can move individually.
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