Second extruder (EXT1) is not working

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Sorry, I browsed a lot of topics here but did not find the answer. Looks like I cannot resolve this problem without your help.

So what I have:
two extruders, E0 & E1 sockets
one hotend (SHARED_EXTRUDER_HEATER enabled, MIXING_EXTRUDER disabled)
Repetier 1.02 + Repetier Server on OrangePi
(+ hotbed, BL-Touch auto-level, and LCD 12864, if it is important)

The problem is:
Extruder0 motor works fine (EXT0)
Extruder1 motor is not react on any commands (EXT1)

I used commands in Repetier Server to check it:

Hardware all fine, I checked everything by swapping the components:
both motors works
both drivers works
both cabels works
both sockets works on a board

I tried to swap extruders motors in the settings, so EXT0 use E1, EXT1 use E0 pins, and EXT1 is not working in any case, while EXT0 always works fine on both sockets E0 & E1, with both motors/drivers etc.

I believe something from in the firmware, or maybe in firmware settings, as EEPROM don't have options to restrict EXT2 work, as I see.

Configuration.h + EEPROM + log from printer start are included in ZIP:

Thank you!


  • Your eeprom output is missing the crucial line. You have
    <epr pos="200" type="3" value="400.000">Extr.1 steps per mm</epr>

    for first extruder but not for second. All other parameter seem to be there. Please recheck this value. If it is 0 or NaN extruder will not move. I assume it is wrong because you might have a setup with one extruder first. You can also recopy config contents with
    but that would erase all changes you made in eeprom.
  • Well, that's explain everything. I did not find anything wrong in EEPROM as it just missed the "right" lines.
    Yes, it was one extruder at first.

    I did:
    EEPROM > Export in Repetier Server
    EEPROM > Import in Repetier Server
    Now all lines are in place, and old settings are loaded.

    Everything works fine now! Thanks a lot!

    And thanks again for fast answer - you gave me another weekend day to assemble a printer! I thought it will be on pause till next week.
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