After following the steps on Z-probe, can't compile and upload

Dear All,

Hope someone can help me to see what I have missed out.

My current Firmware is Repetier 0.92.3.
Delta printer

I followed the steps given from this site:
#define FEATURE_Z_PROBE true
#define Z_PROBE_PIN 63
#define Z_PROBE_PULLUP true
#define Z_PROBE_ON_HIGH true
#define Z_PROBE_X_OFFSET -11.2625
#define Z_PROBE_Y_OFFSET -6.5
/** Speed of z-axis in mm/s when probing */
#define Z_PROBE_SPEED 5
#define Z_PROBE_XY_SPEED 150
#define Z_PROBE_SWITCHING_DISTANCE 1.5 // Distance to safely switch off probe after it was activated
#define Z_PROBE_REPETITIONS 5 // Repetitions for probing at one point.
/** The height is the difference between activated probe position and nozzle height. */
#define Z_PROBE_HEIGHT 39.91
/** Gap between probe and bed resp. extruder and z sensor. Must be greater then initial z height inaccuracy! */
#define Z_PROBE_GAP 30.0

When I hit upload it just stays at compiling sketch... (waited an hour still compiling)
It only happens for the following settings. I tried setting it back to default and it compiled fine.

Does anyone knows what is wrong?

Thanks in advance


  • Your compiler is wrong. If it is the firmware compile should simply throw an error. I have heard that the compiler sometimes just stopps compiling. You could try it again in case it happens sometimes. Or use a other Arduino version hoping it ships with a different compiler. 

    What os/board/compiler do you use?
  • Thanks for replying. I manage to solve the problem. I am using Ramp board 1.4. I change my Z_probe pin from 63 to 18. Plus I update the Arduino from 1.6.4 to 1.6.5. Seems to work properly now.

    But I key G32 to do auto leveling. This happen

    Warning:Invalid delta coordinate - move ignored x:9552 y:2000 z:-5695
    Warning:in queueDeltaMove to calculateDeltaSubSegments returns error. Warning:moveTo / queueDeltaMove returns error

    My current config for the firmware is
    #define Z_PROBE_X1 -60
    #define Z_PROBE_Y1 -40
    #define Z_PROBE_X2 60
    #define Z_PROBE_Y2 -40
    #define Z_PROBE_X3 0
    #define Z_PROBE_Y3 80

    Is a Delta printer.

    Thanks again

  • You have wrong values in eeprom which get used. Try uploading with different EEPROM_MODE to override settings or update eeprom values manually.
  • edited June 2015
    Thank you so much for your help. I uploaded EEPROM_CLEAR then upload Repetier firmware. Everthing is as expected. Thanks again
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