Skipping steps- New printer with Repertier firmware

I have a problem with my newly constructed printer which runs on the ramps 1.4.
please understand carefully the details when this happens
all is set, however during print, it is skipping steps in the Y axis. 
This happens ONLY when during the infill process but in areas which are small.  
For example If it is infilling a gap of 1mm, it would oscillate very fast and in the process it is skipping steps.
What would be the setting which needs tweaking?  acceleration in Y?
I am asking because the printer runs great and I do not want to mess anything else...
many thanks in advance


  • The frequent changes can cause a resonance so forces are higher. If the current for y motor is to at max you can increase that. You can decrease jerk to reduce the shock on direction change. Lower acceleration might help if you are at high values but jerk might be the key.
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