What a disappointment!

Wait months for a new version to fix missing screen items (using RPi3B and official 7" screen) and on the very very first use, before I have even used it to load filament and bam, already half the screen icons missing and, actually, no way to back out of this screen.

Do you do refunds?


  • Looks like it use a cached version of the javascript. Format has changed so it is essential to have the new files loaded. Please try deleting /home/pi/.cache/chromium and reboot. On my Pi with official display the screen is working normally, so it must be something simple. Or does the printer have no extruders defined?
  • SD card was formatted prior to installation.  Printer setup as previously (I had another thread running with the many issues with 0.86.2) as a CR-10S with single extrruder. Even if no extruder (which there were) why would I have no Home button and no way to exit that screen.  This is exact same issue I had with 0.86.2 and means I now have to forget using Repetier.  Just disappointed as when it worked it was superb and I paid $50 odd for something that does not work :(
  • I also would be glad to fi xthe issue. In fact, I already spend much time into this issue, but it is very hard to fix a problem you can not produce your self. Of course there is a home button normally, but there is normally also a distance in the middle and a selected extruder showing in the selector. As all is missing, something did went wrong. I see 3 things we could try.
    1. Open in desktop browser and check in console for error messages.
    2. You could send me the xml printer config in case that the config is the issue. BTW: how did you install it if this is a new image? Because the format has changed a bit, but existing configs get upgraded during reading the files.
    3. Send me a complete image of your install if that is not too big. Only tricky part is not to publish your license key. But I would postpone this when 1. and 2. do not show any thing.
  • I formatted the card and loaded the image as a brand new install using ApplePi-Baker.  This was not an 'upgraded' installation.  I believe the missing extra detail on that screen, distance, selected extruder, is all part of the same issue with missing screen graphics.  On 0.86.2 I would generally only see missing screen graphics once a print had been started.  Now I am not even able to start a print as so much is missing straight away.

    I carry out 1. and 2. as per your message and report back when I can.
  • I had this problem, but that was just because i did not add a extruder in the repetier server settings. once done it works perfectly. So the bug is that you can go into this screen without having a extruder set.
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