More dualx related questions

In order to make my printer even more reliable, I am planning to implement
    I assume that I can have dual z-min homing (with dual z motor steppers of course) to level the carriages
    AND BLTouch for probing and bed-leveling. Am I right?
  • Dual jam detection? Guess that wont be available in V1, or is it?
On a sidenote: The encoder of my original Prusa MK3 has 2 really handy features, I wish I had on my dualx: long-press for z up and down and double-click for z-babystepping in-print. Can this already be done in repetier? Couldn't figure it out in uiconfig.h

Thanks a lot - again! Looking forward to V2 of your firmware, although I have little wishes for the current version :)


  • Jam detection is per extruder, so you can in deed already have 1 for each printer.

    Multi z endstop homing is possible, but if you also use a z probe it gets complicated. So hope you mean multi z max homing. Also I have no dual x with autoleveling so can not say much about if it works or not. Would work like on normal cartesians but with the 2 x axis this might have side effects when you switch.

    We have no function for detecting double and long press click, so can not put functions on it. Sounds like a nice idea for the new V2 interface.
  • Jam detection is per extruder
    Nice, must have missed that in config
    Multi z endstop homing
    I prefer z-min homing. Will try and keep an eye open for side effects. fingers crossed
    V2 Firmware
    I guess there is no estimate for release date as it is a work in progress. hope you will make it for xmas tho  :)
  • z-min homing and z-probing normally do not play nice. You can not have z min trigger when correcting z at z=0, so this normally gives errors already with normal printers. If z min then use z probe for homing as well.
  • Since I would use the z-homing for leveling the x-axis, I could use z-max endstops indeed. As I don't want to do this every time I start a print, I was wondering if there is a gcode to change homing direction of z-axis and the revert it back after calibration. A dirty hack I read is to use M92 Z-1590 to invert homing dir. Any better suggestions?
  • It is not designed to be inverted after compilation. Not sure why the trick works. It would move in opposite direction, yes, but would not check the right endstop I'd think.
  • Just a minor question: is it possible to set offsets per extruder via gcode? (G92 is a bad idea, I know). I would need that for a multi head printer I'm working on...
  • You have offsets per extruder, but these are to define position of extruders agains first extruder. So with that you need no offsets in print.

    So why do you need it? Knowing what it is fore allows better thinking about what is possible.
  • I know how I can offset in eeprom, but is there a way to do it in gcode directly. Seems more convenient to me.
  • These values are not meant to be changed during printing. You can change all eeprom values with M206 but you should not do this constantly as write cycles for eeprom are limited also they are quite high.
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