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Roland knows well that I've been an admired of Repetier firmware and server for a long time, but lately I had big problems with a Cartesian similar to the Creality CR-10, called "Alfawise U10".
This printer come with "Ramps Plus" 8 bit board and an old version of Marlin installed.
I configured Repetier V1.0.2 DEV and I made many prints tests, unfortunately the RepRap full graphics display installed in the box I noticed that significantly decreases the print quality, excluding it I've better results.
I recently tried "MK4Duo V4.3.6", which is a Marlin aligned to version 2, which will be released soon.
The differences in print quality are visibly tangible, MK4Duo even having enabled the same display does not have a processor occupation such as to deprecate the print quality.
There's two new features in the new Marlin, called "Junction Deviation" and "Bézier Jerk Control", that offer better print immediately.
I ask Roland to review the "display full graphics" issue, because the problem is present in Repetier, and it doesn't affect only the Delta configurations, also the others.
Soon here I publish some test prints, made with the same g-code.



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    All my tests have been performed with the same configuration parameters, MK4Duo and Repetier use exactly the same values in acceleration, jerky, extrusion etc, everything is identical.
    The problem is also evident only by changing the printing speed from a host, for example from Repetier Server.
    The command with Repetier is taken a few seconds later, with MK4Duo almost immediate.
    I hope Roland can cover up where is the problem.
    I used Repetier Firmware DEV V1.0.2 for all my tests.
  • 8 bit and graphic display on a delta just do not play nice, that is well known. The problem is that we have not enough ram to buffer the 0.1s the display update takes plus delta code already taking much cpu power. So for V1 I see no room for improvements. In V2 the next big firmware release, we handle moves completely different, not requiring so much ram and also not having double/quad stepping any more, but therefore bezier optimized jerk with 3rd or 5th degree (or linear as always). Until now this only works on 32 bit hardware, so we still have to see how it will work on 8 bit with graphic display. But display i snot implemented anyway. But that will be the way where it will be optimized. V1 will not get any big updates any more, just fixes as we see them.

    For deltas we recommend 32 bit processors even if it would work in 8 bit. The extra speed just gives so much more possibilities and deltas can really profit from it.
  • Thanks Roland for reply.
    There's beta of this version 2?
    A date of the first release?
  • On github you see it in dev2 branch. It is quite at the beginning, so no dates at the moment. Some changes are quite deep so it is not really possible to predict this along with our other work. On cartesian/core printer with due based board you can already print, but lot's of extra functions are needing adaption before I would consider it ready for mainstream.
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