Custom Home Routine with G28

Hi all!

I'm currently converting an industrial 3D printer to repetier and I need some custom homing routine to avoid collisions.

In short;
a)I need the X axis to home and then move away 30mm for example then continue homing Y and Z.
-So far i can do this with "Endstop distance after homing" but this sets the position as 0 and I cannot go to -30mm for example.

b)I need to move the Y axis past the Y endstop to perform an action but as soon as the optical endstop is activated I cannot go furhter.
-All axes have start and end sensors, I guess I could use those some how.

Thanks for any input!



  • Ok, I was trying to edit inside of the Printer.cpp file for the Home function.

    Just found out how include actual G-code with "GCode::executeFString(PSTR("G1 Z30"));" so I've replaced G28 with my own G-code that calls all the movements and copied the original G28 to G2828.

    With this I can home however I want and avoid all obstacles. :)

    Still can't figure out how to move an axis in the negative direction past an endstop. :(
    Is there a way to disable the endstops, move into the negative directions (or setting an offset on the axis and going to zero)?

  • You can only move past endstop if ALWAXS_CHECK_NDSTOPS is 0. Target position test might also prevent this, so use G1 S1 to disable target position check.
  • Thanks! That solved it. Will have to toggle G1 S1 to perform the routine.

    Is there a way to send a command from the Repetier FW to Repetier-Host to update the Coordinates? Similar to M114 to the LCD but acting like @isathome ?

    Now I can get on with the servo loop for the extruder, thermocouples, the 120V heaters and squirt some plastic!

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