Strange slicings with sli3r. Additional sliced things not existing in the model

Hi! I think it was since I upgraded to repetier-host c2.0.5. I slices with slic3r, and you can see the model and the slicing... Any of you know why that additional strange perimeters? 

It is going to make it install an earlier version. In this model is not important, but it makes it in other models in more relevant parts...

Thanks a lot.
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  • Do you mean this support like line between the 2 elements? Haven't seen it but do not use raft, so maybe there is a relation.
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    Yes, I mean that "support like" line. I do not use raft, no skirt, no support... Nothing.
    In fact, I re-installed 2.0.1 version, and now the same model with the same profile does not show that...

    I would like to know the reason to be able to upgrade, so any suggestions will be welcome!
  • We do not develop the slicers, so nothing special I can say. Working on next release coming in a few days with updates slicer versions which hopefully do not have the problem. Haven't seen it my self, but maybe I just did not use the required setting that produces it.
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    Thanks for your feedback. One question... The slic3r version in repetier-host is embedded, and it cannot be changed independently from repetier, right?
  • No, you can use any version installed in a different directory. In slicer tab there is a manager button where you can define additional slicers. Empty path is default bundled slicer, but you can also set a path to slic3r executeable and then this version gets used.
  • Great, so I can search, download and use the slic3r version which is embedded in repetier-host 2.0.1 (which is 1.2.9) and use it in the most up-to-date repetier-host version.

    Thanks for your support!
  • Or use a newer 1.3 dev version. They are still updating it also they move the final release every year or so.
  • Hi. I recover this thread as I am still with the same issue... As soon as I upgrade Repetier, I get that "support like" slicing. Now repetier version is 2.1.6, and Slic3r is 1.3...

    Does this happen only to me?
    Thanks for any suggestion.
    Best regards.
  • Additional things are support, skirt, brim, shield, prime tower if select. If the model is not manyfold you will also get sometimes different results than expected. I personally only get the structures in gcode I expect, so hard to say what it is in your case. Maybe just create a new config with wizard and test without support and from tehre add your settings until the problem occurs.
  • Thanks a lot for your comments.

    The only additional thing I have is skirt, but I removed it and skirt dissapeared, but not the issue.
    Brim is at "0", not activated, Support not activated. Shield and prime tower are options that I do not find in any setup tab. So I am lost...
  • Ok no idea what else it could be. Does not look like skirt either and I do not get it.
    Do you get that with EVERY model or only one special. Also does it happen if you only have one object on bed.
  • Yes, it happens in other models as well, not always relevant, but sometimes disturbing...

    You can see other example bellow (model and slicing): Skirt, brim, support, all of them at "0" or unselected...

  • can you share the .stl ?
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    Sure I can, it is public. I changed the extension to "jpg" so I can attach it

  • I think it does not work. How can I attache a file here?
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    if it´s public just attach the link
    no hurry, i´m, back in the evening
  • just downloaded and sliced witout any problems.....

    checked with slic3r ,slic3r Prusa edition and cura engine

    cannot reproduce the error , sorry
  • Thank you very much for your interest and time! Really appreciated
  • I also have no errors with Slic3r and PrusaSlicer using 2.1.6. I even do not get the "Unable to close this loop" message. So question arises what did you do with the file to get the errors. I noted crown was rotated wrong way so I rotated it in host 180° around y axis. But maybe you modify it with some other software adding errors to the model.
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    Yes, I rotated it 180º to print it flat and to avoid any support, but I did not modified it at all. In fact, I observe the same issue in other models, either designed by me, or downloaded from thingiverse.

    I think I have to move to other printing software, as I do not know what is causing this...
  • Can you post your sli3r config bundle,(sic3r settings/file/export config) maybe we can spot something causing this
  • Sure I can. How can I share it? It looks like I cannot attach it as a file in this forum...
  • Use dropbox transfer or one of the file upload sites that store files for a while.
  • Ok, so in the slis3r configuration/print settings there is a setting in the support material 'enforce support for the first so many layers' you have it set at 100, this will generate support even if support is disabled.
    set this to 0 and you should be good to go.

  • Fully right! For me it is not intuitive to build supports when they are disabled, but you are right. Once that parameter is set to 0 (with support disabled in both cases), now it works correctly.

    Thanks a lot Martin. Really appreciated your time and advice!
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