Strange slicings with sli3r. Additional sliced things not existing in the model

Hi! I think it was since I upgraded to repetier-host c2.0.5. I slices with slic3r, and you can see the model and the slicing... Any of you know why that additional strange perimeters? 

It is going to make it install an earlier version. In this model is not important, but it makes it in other models in more relevant parts...

Thanks a lot.
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  • Do you mean this support like line between the 2 elements? Haven't seen it but do not use raft, so maybe there is a relation.
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    Yes, I mean that "support like" line. I do not use raft, no skirt, no support... Nothing.
    In fact, I re-installed 2.0.1 version, and now the same model with the same profile does not show that...

    I would like to know the reason to be able to upgrade, so any suggestions will be welcome!
  • We do not develop the slicers, so nothing special I can say. Working on next release coming in a few days with updates slicer versions which hopefully do not have the problem. Haven't seen it my self, but maybe I just did not use the required setting that produces it.
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    Thanks for your feedback. One question... The slic3r version in repetier-host is embedded, and it cannot be changed independently from repetier, right?
  • No, you can use any version installed in a different directory. In slicer tab there is a manager button where you can define additional slicers. Empty path is default bundled slicer, but you can also set a path to slic3r executeable and then this version gets used.
  • Great, so I can search, download and use the slic3r version which is embedded in repetier-host 2.0.1 (which is 1.2.9) and use it in the most up-to-date repetier-host version.

    Thanks for your support!
  • Or use a newer 1.3 dev version. They are still updating it also they move the final release every year or so.
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