Bricked LCD screen (2 rows of white Squares)

I'm new to 3d printers, only assembling my first printer 2 weeks ago, the printer I assembled worked great for 1 week and made 5 successful prints (2 maker coins, 2 upgrades, 1 blade of chaos) the day after the final print when I turned the printer on it had 2 rows of rectangles on the screen. I've been trying to look into this for a week but with little success on finding a solution. most of what I could find is that it relates to firmware.

The printer I have I ordered off and it was stated as a anet A8, Prusa I3, Reprap.
The frame of the printer has Prusa I3 engraved, and from what I could find online the main board is a Melzi.
The file in the SD card states the printer is a Tronxy X6D.

Any help would be appreciated Id hate to return or put more money into this unless I know the results are absolute, thank you.


  • These 2 rows are normal if display does not get initialized. Assuming it had worked the 5 prints before it is no firmware issue, more likely is that the cable to display has a defect or just lost contact on a important pin.

    Printing is normally not affected from this error, only not so nice to have lost the display.
  • I have tried removing the cable, flipping it and checking all the ends and it does not seem to be damages, also the cable was untouched prior to it not working (if that matters)
  • If it worked flipping it is bad idea if you mean direction added.

    These cables get contact by cutting the pins through the plastic. If the cable is not positioned 100% correct during this it can have bad contacts. If you have a multimeter you could test each contact and see if it gets through to the other side. Also test how many contacts on the other side respond. Sometime it hits 2 pins at once and that would also be a problem just like having no contact.

    If you did not change firmware which worked before I think it is more hardware related.
  • so all that i need to do is replace LCD screen or Cable?
  • In 90% it is the cable, yes. It can be a defect on board/processor or lcd board as well, but that is not so often. If you have replacement devices it is easy to find out. Of course firmware is also possible, but since it worked and you did not change it it should at least still work after a reset.
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