disable backlash compensation via gcode?


i found a plugin for octoprint that calibrates backlash compensation, but same plugin did not tell how to disable it again

the eeprom editor plugin for octoprint does not list the backlash stuff

so are there a gcode command i can send that either disables it or sets it to 0 ?

i did try to google this but was not successfull


  • the code for the plugin is here: https://github.com/platsch/OctoPrint-Autocalibration/blob/master/octoprint_autocalibration/static/js/autocalibration.js

    but i cant figure which command store the values, if i only knew that i could at least set them to 0 by hand
  • i guess M502 followed by M500 will do the trick if backlash was not enabled in the config

    and then G32 S2 and G33 S2 to restore disortion correction

  • You need


    Backlash should then appear in eeprom list if supported. But backlash is only working for real cartesian printers, not core xy and not deltas!
  • :-) i only have an cartesian

    about "eeprom list " i dont use repetier host to connect and i have a faint idea that the eeprom plugin in octoprint does not support everything

    and for the config i use the online tool but i guess i will have to open arduino IDE and check if its enabled there

  • i was lucky...


    so I wonder how that octoprint plugin can work... ie i guess the only thing it can do is to tell me the backlash number but when it tries to save the correction the firmware will just disregard it
  • You could log session and see what plugin sends to printer. But with disabled it will surely do nothing.
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