Lighting in the Object placement 3D view doesn't work

edited March 2018 in Mac
I updated my Repetier-Host Mac to the latest version - 1.1.0 and it seems, that lighting in the Object placement 3D view doesn't work anymore - all models are displayed without lights/shadows and look flat. I checked also the Lighting tab in the Preferences - Light 1 and Light 2 are enabled. Interesting is, that lighting works normally in the G-Code 3D view. Here is the original STL:


  • Have the same with this object. Other objects show up correctly. So the STL seems to not follow the right standard. I think the triangles have no normals or normals have not length 1. Windows version shows it interestingly correct and it seems to slice so triangle orientation seems to be correct. When I get some time I will check what causes this. For now just ignore it as it comes from the model and has no further impact.
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