[Help] Tiny sequential holes don't render/print like they once did

I started a project that has tiny holes on it for ventilation. Printed out a couple of prototypes and they came out well. Printed out the final design and now the holes don't render out when I slice with CuraEngine. Even when I choose a different slicer they don't render as they should. The holes just come out as strips. I tried changing them from circles to squares and the result is still the same. I didn't change any of the settings, so I don't know why it started happening out of the blue. I included an image of what I'm trying to explain that happens. 


  • First make sure it is a manifold object. Otherwise anything can happen anyway.
    Then make sure the width between the gaps is at least one extrusion width plus rounding errors. Otherwise slicer could also decide that the wall is not printable.
    These are the 2 things I can think of causing this.
  • Oh my goodness. Didn't think about the width between the gaps. Think I might've changed that accidentally when I was tweaking the final design. Thank you so much!
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