Semi automatic bed leveling


I have used Repetier on all my printers. I am using firmware 1.0 now on my new printer.

On my earlier printer XYZ Da vinci 1.0A (Repetier 0.92), there was a semi automatic bed leveling function I could call on the display.

Is there a function similar in Repetier 1.0, I can select on the display, where the nozzle go to 3 or 4 different positions everytime I press OK? 
Then it is much easier to manual bed level with the paper method, instead of menuavering the head around totally manual. It is time consuming moving around with the head without some fixed positions I can select.


  • No. I think you had the davinci fork and that has this is additional function. You coul duse it with host and put the position on script buttons 1-3.

  • Yes ok, but I like it as semi automatic function, started from display. Many times, I want printer not to be connected to computer.... Then I just transfer file by SD card.
    When started. it goes to first position, I adjust and press ok, printer goes to next position, and so on for 6-9 steps.
    Can I copy paste the function from the davinci fork to V1.0 before I compile?
  • I don't think a simple copy works. But I do not know the exact implementation details.
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