Laser mode - All movement logs as G1 X0*nn

Hi I am new to repetier host for Laser 
     Host is latest as of today
     Firmware is Repetier latest of today

I can home my machine and jog it around with manual controls.
The Laser comes on and off correctly 
If I enter a G01 move manually, I get a zero return 
G01 X100Y100F2400
Log shows 
16:13:22.743 : N77710 G1 X0*102

What am I missing?

I have partially configured Z axis - I can operate the end stop switch manually when homing, but this changes nothing


I send the following G code

G4 P1
G28 X0Y0
G00 X13.5644Y10.0968 
M3 S255
G01 X13.2975Y11.1938F2400
G01 X130.00Y11.00F2400
G01 X130Y120F2400
G01 X10Y120F2400
G01 X13.2400Y12.0000F2400

The LCD shows Xw,Yw,Zw as 0.00 X:,Y:,Z: as alternate 0.00 and ?.??
Mul=47%  Las=0.0w 
Stepper disabled 

this is the log  see lines 77756-9 

16:23:11.494 : N77748 M530 S1 L0*48
16:23:11.494 : N77749 M531 xxx*118
16:23:11.494 : N77750 M452*34
16:23:11.494 : N77751 G4 P1*111
16:23:11.494 : N77752 G21*26
16:23:11.496 : N77753 G28 X0*90
16:23:11.497 : N77754 G0 X0*103
16:23:11.497 : N77755 M3 S255*102
16:23:11.497 : N77756 G1 X0*100
16:23:11.498 : N77757 G1 X0*101
16:23:11.498 : N77758 G1 X0*106
16:23:11.502 : N77759 G1 X0*107
16:23:11.596 : N77760 M117 ETE -01s*46
16:23:11.596 : PrinterMode:Laser
16:23:11.597 : N77761 G1 X0*96
16:23:11.597 : N77762 M5*37
16:23:11.597 : N77763 M5*36
16:23:12.562 : X:0.00 Y:20.00 Z:0.000 E:0.0000
16:23:12.563 : N77764 M532 X0 L0*54
16:23:12.563 : LaserOn:255
16:23:12.563 : N77765 G0 X0*101
16:23:12.563 : Printjob finished at 2018/02/07 4:23 PM
16:23:12.563 : Printing Time: 1s
16:23:12.563 : Lines Send: 15
16:23:12.566 : N77766 M5*33
16:23:12.567 : N77767 M104 S0 T0*39
16:23:12.567 : N77768 M140 S0*108
16:23:12.567 : N77769 M84*23
16:23:12.567 : N77770 M530 S0*102


  • You are missing spaces. Unlike some CNC gcode flavours, you require a space between parameters otherwise X100Y100 means x with coordinate 100Y100 which is not a number hence 0.
  • Many thanks , that fixed the problem.

    Below is a shell script that may fix the problem for anyone experiencing a similar problem.

    # Repetier seems to handle negative Z (cuts) as laser on, and positiveZ (moves) as laser off
    #          so we don't need to translate to M3 and M5 respectively as below 
    #-e 's/G01 Z0.1000/M5/' -e's/G01 Z-0.1000/M3/'

    mkdir -p ../repetier;

    for f in *
        if test -f "$f" 
                echo " Fixing $f";
               sed -e 's/\([[:alpha:]]\)/ \1/g' -e 's/^ //' -e 's/  / /' $f >../repetier/$f;

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