Gaps between layers in print preview

Dimensions: 5mm diameter, 20mm height

After slicing with Slic3r I am getting gaps between each layer, which causes the nozzle to move exponetially further from the print during printing.  I have included the print preview pictures, as well as my setting in Slic3r that I think could be the problem.

Something I noticed is that I cannot change the filament diameter to below 1mm.  If I do I get an error when I try to slice.

Notes on the printer. It is a bioprinter and I print with a 27Gauge nozzle (.361mm) and it is pneumatic.

I appreciate any help provided and let me know if there are any other screenshots that might help.



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    I noticed something in the gcode, with my nozzle and everything set at .361 the code is saying to move the z-axis .722 (twice as much) between layers.  I am not sure why this would be.  If needed I can screenshot the gcode for the part I am currently working on (different part than described above, but same problem and same settings).

    Edit.  Noticed that each layer change after continues to add another .361 change to the z-axis.
  • Diameter is most probably a slicer limit. But you can use the multiplier to get down to your value range. set it to 
    0.361^2 = 0.13032
    Host visualization may be misleading. You need to set it in preferences->3d ->filament to use yout layer height you use or you might see gaps.

    Layer height normally is < 0.8 * nozzle diameter so be glad you need to set it higher anyway:-) Guess in bioprinting there are different laws on what works.

    Double layer height shoudl only happen if you say to print infill or so every 2 layers. That setting exists somewhere.
  • Thank you for the advice.  It helped and I was able to print my object.
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