LCD with blank square after repetier software installed

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Hi, May you can help me?, I have a EI3 tricolor printer with a LCD screen that just finish  assembling. My LCD work fine and I could communicate with the printer by the LCD. Then I'd installed on my computer the repetier host firmware and can connected with the printer but when I turn off and disconnected the printer my computer crash with blue scrren and restart.
When my computer restart I connect and turn on already my printer  then my LCD don't work, only display blank squares and I can't connect my computer to the port of the printer. I can see a little of the letters from a certain angle but the most I can see is the blank square I was told you. 


  • Blue screen is not good but seems to depend on serial driver. Maybe if you close in host first it will not cause a blue screen. You might also try finding newer serial driver. 

    Host and firmware are different things so not sure which firmware you are using. 2 rows of white blocks and 2 blank is an indication that lcd is not initialized. 

    As I understood you sometime see the lcd and sometimes not, right? Just did not understand when it was not visible. But the fact that you can also not connect then would mean that the firmware hangs before display gets initialized.
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    Thank you, sorry by my English, i try to explain me. I´m new I try to learn about this things soo hope you can help me.
    The software that I installed was the host and the server on windows 10, I was running the server and I had comunication with the printer and can move the axis from the virtual console on my computer, then I need to left and don't be sure if I review if I disconected from the software the printer, I turn in off and disconected the USB port of my computer then the screen of my computer going blue and restart, when restart and turn on the printer the LCD show the squares. The letters look very faint, almost nothing on the LCD screen as if they were in a back layer and the squares on a front layer even I can see when I move the button control of the LCD the menus change. 
    From the LCD could control the movements of the axes, but now the printer does not respond to commands.

    Maybe I was wrong when installing the software and it was not the right one and also I think I needed to configure some aspects about the characteristics of my motherboar and of course the LCD, the problem is that I can no longer communicate with the port of my printer and in the device manager both the USB port and the COM do not mark errors. When I try to send the compiled Arduino code, it tells me that there is a communication problem with the port.

    By the way I can have
    I really apreciate your help.

  • The crash on unplugging in deed could be from driver. It needs to shutdown and if there is a bug it can easily cause blue screen, because as driver it is more privileged then a normal app that just crashes on it's own without disturbing windows.

    You still did not say which firmware you use? M115 would tell. LCD is in deed configuration dependent and wrong settings will cause no initalization.
  • Hi, the software I´d install was the Repetier-host Windows 2.0.5
  • We are talking about firmware meaning printer side not the windows side with host!
  • Well, I try to explain me. The printer already had the .92 firmware installed and the LCD configured. Then I installed the Repetier-host on Windows to do some printing tests. At that point it was when happend what I told you, the blue scren and the LCD deconfiguration.

  • If lcd works without host it also works with host. Only if the DTR state of serial console causes it to reset all the time it would stay blank. So does it work as soon as you disconnect the usb port?
  • No, it doesn´t work. If I only turn on the printer without connected to the computer, the LCD looks the same, with blank squares. I think that when I installed the Repetier-host, I did not perform any special configuration and maybe I did not iconfigure the LCD screen, is that possible?

    Thanks. Regards.
  • No. Host and printer stand alone are 2 different things. If printer does not work stand alone your printer is not working. Might be as simple as a bad firmware or some hardware defect. Just connecting with the host does not change the firmware, so you must have done something else in addition
  • Ok, let me review. Thank you.
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