Z-Probe Singel Probe?

Hi all,
I have Repetier 1.0.0 running on my Cartesian 3D printer. Self made printer with RADDS / Due. Printing range 400x265x300.
Bed leveling works just as well. Z-Probe with servo. Z-Home at Z Max.

Have the following questions:
- Is it possible to measure only one point and automatically adjust the Z height? Without a 3-point autoleveling.
          Handy to print on objects with changing heights.

- Is there a way to override the EEPROM coordinates for (G32) with gCode?


  • See repetier.ino for list of gcode commands.
    G30 can in 1.0 adjust z also for 3d printers you just home using z probe if configured right. That makes more sense with cnc.

    G32 positions are stored in eeprom and can be changed using the eeprom editor. If you know how or check commands send by the editor you can also set them by gcode just like the editor does using M206 command.
  • Thank you for your respons!

    The paramenter are difficult for me to interpret.
    But, hey, it works! :)
    Only with:
    G28;                    Home all Axis
    G1 X100 Y100 Z30 F2800; near object surface
    G30 H0 R0;              measure z height
    M117 Printing . . .;    Nozzle ist perfect over the object.

    And Yes, M206 is a good idea.
    M206 T3 P808 X2.900;     write Z-probe height [mm] to EEPROM
    M501;  Load settings from EEPROM  (I'm not sure if it needs)

  • M501 is not needed when you set data. Firmware knows it changed from writing to it.
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