Which set of defaults overrides which defaults?

I am new to 3d printing and having trouble calibrating my new machine, a Zonestar P802QR2. There are printer settings in the firmware, the Repetier host software and the Repetier server software. I have no idea how all these settings interact and override each other. Zonestar provided a calibration documentation, it is an mp4 for an entirely different machine using ancient Cura software. My first concern is how I setup the x and y origin of the print platform. I hit home and the extruder 1 nozzle is off in space to the left and forward of the heated bed. I have had a few events where the software or firmware (I don't know which) tried to drive the Y axis beyond its physical limit, I would like to be sure that the poor machine never makes that wretched sound again.

I am using Repetier-Host V2.05 and Repetier-Server Free 0.86.2 under windows 10/64.  The Repetier firmware in the machine dates back to September, Zonestar has chosen not to release their changes to the Repetier Github community.  They do provide the firmware on request and I have it.

Here are my questions:
  1. Do all the slicer programs take the printer default config from Repetier-Host settings?
  2. Do any of the defaults in the Server override the Host's gcode?
  3. Does the firmware in the machine override any of the upstream settings?
  4. Where do I set the lower left corner of the bed?



  • Firmware defines positions, limts etc. Server and host just need to know what the printer limits are so that is no override, just defining dimensions, speeds etc for internal use.

    Server start/end scripts would override host scrips if you print over host using server. But normally both are empty, only pause script really metter here. start/end is defined in slicer.

    Slicer are independent solutions just managed by the host, so each of the supported slicers has it's own set of configurations.

    Regarding 4 the answer is printer configuration. Server and host both have a bit different ways but allow to set bed shape in one of the tabs. In server you also need to set xyz min/max range whcih can be larger then reachable bed area.
  • Thanks for the careful reply
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