Heated bed on and off too frequently

Dear Engineer, I'm using a relay to control the heated bed. I found a problem, for example, when I set the target bed temperature 50 °C, when the temperature arrived 50 °C, the relay switch off, and once the temperature fall to 49.9 °C, the relay turns on. I found the temperature swing up and down 50°C to quickly, so the relay turns on and off too frequently... Is there a parameter to set, and not let the relay to turn on and off too frequently... In "Marlin", there is a parameter: #define TEMP_HYSTERESIS 3 // (degC) range of +/- temperatures considered "close" to the target one Is there a similar parameter to set in repetier firmwaire...Thanks in advance!


  • If you use the temperature manager='bang bang every X seconds for heated bed with relay'option, you can specify the time interval for updating the temperature
  • Thanks Martin, it works.
  • I have a related problem.

    I choose the "bang bang every X seconds for heated bed with relay" option and set the update interval value to 10000 mS. (10s)

    With he new firmware loaded the bed relay still switches up to three times per second when target temperature is reached.

    Is there a maximum value for the update interval or what could cause the relay to switch this often?

  • It is possible to change heater type in eeprom. Please make sure it is set to 2 and not 0. Also make sure to have

    #define HEATED_BED_SET_INTERVAL 10000

    and not 10. Time is milli seconds.
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