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Okay so i bought a CoLiDo diy printer and it works perfectly with the models preloaded on the software it came with but wont work otherwise. (Im a complete newbie to all of this so sorry for my termanology). I tried printing models from places like thingiverse and it will load them into the software but when i try to print them my printer freezes in the same spot every time before it even starts. The same thing happens with fusion 360 and ironCAD.
And if i try to 'home' the print head it comes up with a 'commands waiting' list that always ends up being at least 10 items.
It freezes and i cant even close the window.
The only way i can clear the list is to uninstall then reinstall the software.
Am i missing something really simple and dumb??


  • First reinstallation does not change any thing so will not really help. Normally disconnecting and connecting resets printer and I think that is why it also works after reinstall as you restarted it.

    x commands waiting just means that we send commands and never got a "ok" back from firmware.

    Since you are a newbie - there is one point in all prints at the beginning where printer looks like freezing, but is heating the extuder/bed and waits for the target temperature to be reached. Check the host temperatures they show the rising temperature. Once temperature is reached print will continue.
  • Thankyou :)

    Is there a way that i can clear the commands waiting?
  • It has bewn frozen for over 20 minutes - is this normal?
  • only on very slow printers. What does temperature say? Does it change? That is a sign that everything is ok. In host you see current and target temperature and only if target is reached it will continue. If temp. is too high it might never reach that temperature so also check that.

    Use emergency button to reset printer. Then it should reset (not all do) so everything is working as normal.
  • I heat up the extruder before i press print so i dont think thats the issue?
    For the prints that came with the software it only freezes for a minute or so.

    In the log it says "echo: unknown command"
    So i have my model in the wrong format?? (Its a '3D object'. How do i change it to g.code or does that not matter)?
  • Also emergency stop doesnt reset it
  • Not all firmwares implement all commands so a few unknown commands are ok.
    But if you enable commands and ack you should see some communication.

    Generated gcode still has M109/M190 commands I guess to wait for target temperature. Simple test with halted systems is show commands in log and the blocking command is one of the last 10 commands (because commands get buffered).

  • I have a  DIY printer
    I am continually getting COMMAND WAITING errors
    I changed the baud settings  no good
    and  I'm unable to access the firmware menu
    any help will be appreciated
  • Sounds like host does not see the answers. What firmware and board are you using?
  • First I cannot access any inform about the firmware
    because the link to it on the Config menu isn't accessible
    And about board if this helps :
    VER 14

  • I know at least that they have a custom host from us, so I assume they should be compatible at least.

    So first unplug and see if a new com port comes up when connecting, that is the right one. Just in case you are using an other com port then the printers one.

    Select autodetect for transfer protocol and try all baud rates. Normally 115200 or 250000 or 230400 work.

    You could also check in windows hardware manager what com converter is used. FTDI requires original FTDI chips and some of their drivers are known to not work or even make them unusable if they use a fake FTDI chip. YOu can google this if you see it is a ftdi chip for more informations. Most boards use other solutions.
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