First prit errors

My very first print. Width was perfect,thickness was perfect but height was 1 1/2 times actual.What did I do wrong and how can I eliminate was is probably an elementary mistake. Repetier host. Xbox 360 scan. CTc Reprap Prusa i3.


  • So 50% thicker then first layers. That is often exactly what you have set. Check slicer what first layer height is set to. If it does not match you endstops are not configured correctly and stop x mm to early giving you higher first layer height. But first check what you have really set. The fact that width is correct is an indication that height was also ok otherwise it would get wider if you print the same a bit lower.
  • On the other side if you mean a complete print 50% too high then you steps per mm for z axis are just set wrong in firmware.
  • The manual supplied with the printer states that the z axis should be set at 4020 Zsteps/mm. However the default when the printer is turned on is set at 2560 Zsteps/mm.
    Which do you recommend ?
  • 2560 is correct for M8 screws with 16 substeps and motor with 200 steps (200*16/1.25). Regarding your note that it is 50% too high 2560 would seem more correct, but it depends on the z drive.
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