No webcam stream, only static image

In Repetier server (version 0.86.2, but have had this problem since first 0.86 release) I can only see the static webcam image, not the stream.

If I go to Printer Settings > Webcam I see both static image AND the stream.
Browsing to http://IP:8080/stream.html I see the stream too.

Board is RPi 3B, and camera is Logitech c170

Any solution to this?


  • What webcam software do you use?
    You have to watch out with the url - that it works in browser does not always mean it is the url for the mjpg stream. It could also be a html page containing the stream. And the stream must have mjpg format and not an other video format - it will only work on mjpg streams. For the right url right click on the stream and open image in new url. That should give you right url. If you open debug tools of the browser and reload you should see in network the stream and can see the content type. Main type is multipart/x-mixed-replace with subframes of type image/jpeg.
  • Dynamic Image URL: http://localhost:8080/?action=stream
    Static Image URL: http://localhost:8080/?action=snapshot

    As written, under Printer Settings > WebCam I can see the stream.

    Actual URL (right click missing stream, open in new pane): http://IP:3344/printer/cammjpg/Anet_A8_3D_Printer?rand=EqObiEwONZ&sess=UKE@5WdKbPFZ3xTXFiNK#Gv1jhKW98$d

  • Yes, that looks familiar for mjpg streamer. So good it is now working with right url.
  • Only it isn't. Only the preview under settings is working.
  • What do you see? The image that no webcam is available or a broken image? Which browser/os do you use? Normally there are no problems with mjpg_streamer which you are using (right?).
  • I have tried Edge, IE and Chrome - all with same result.

    I see the "webcam" with a red ring and a line over.

    When I access the stream directly (http://IP:8080/?action=stream) it Works like a charm, but http://IP:3344/printer/cammjpg/Anet_A8_3D_Printer?rand=EqObiEwONZ&sess=UKE@5WdKbPFZ3xTXFiNK#Gv1jhKW98$d is not working.

  • That image means the server does not succeed in reading a mjpg stream from the url you provided.

    The link you show contains a session and that changes every restart, but of course on reload it will set it correctly.

    You could try if
    works better. Also localhost is the same as but needs resolving.
  • It was at default - not working, hence the change to localhost (just to test if that was better event thou it resolves to
  • What resolution and framerate do you have selected? With 640x480 and 20 FPS it is working fine for me. And you said in config you can see the video, so that seems also configured correctly. And I assume in "Webcam Connection" you have selected "JPG + MJPG Stream"? Don't really think logitech 190 to 525 model makes a big difference here.
  • I see I run same settings as you. Tried with both 20 and 25FPS - no change :(
  • Just to understand for you. Normal webcam usage gets proxied through the server so you can access it from everywhere where you can access the server. That part seems to have problems to understand the response.

    Are you using the repetier-server image with mjpg_streamer or do you have compiled you own mjpg_streamer? In latter case, which source did you use? Maybe it is now sending in a slightly different format that causes the proxy to fail.
  • I'm using the Repetier-Server image for my RPi.
  • Thats bad since that is what is working and best tested by me.

    Does /var/lib/RepetierServer/log/server.log
    contain any hints. Except for normal termination the cam reader logs the error reason.
  • Nope.Last log entry is 13th august 2017.

  • Did you reboot after all the config changes? Not that it is just not trying any more?
    Remmeber an other guy with webcam problems and he said after a restart all problems were gone.

  • How is the default nginx config (/etc/nginx/sites-available/default) supposed to look?
    If you say this is the one proxying, then I have a suspicion that this might be the faulty bit.

  • No it is not nginx. It is the server doing the proxy from webcam and replacing it with no webcam picture.

    Did you try the reboot? If 13. august is last entry in log  you have not rebootet since then, so give it a chance.
  • It's powered off every night, and prints every day.
  • "Nope.Last log entry is 13th august 2017."
    After each reboot you get new entries here, so why only 13th august? Is there another log file with newer content?
  • No, there is no other logfiles in the directory.
    And I have no ide why it haven't logged anything since.

  • Is the disk full? That might cause other problems as well.
  • Unfortunately not the answer either.

    pi@CNC:~ $ sudo df -h
    Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/root        30G  6.1G   22G  22% /
    devtmpfs        429M     0  429M   0% /dev
    tmpfs           433M     0  433M   0% /dev/shm
    tmpfs           433M   45M  389M  11% /run
    tmpfs           5.0M  4.0K  5.0M   1% /run/lock
    tmpfs           433M     0  433M   0% /sys/fs/cgroup
    /dev/mmcblk0p1   63M   22M   42M  35% /boot
    tmpfs            87M     0   87M   0% /run/user/1000

  • I'm running out of ideas. Yesterday I had a user also with C170 and he had no problems with the webcam, so that should work. Have you tried reloading website with Strg pressed to force a full reload including cached files? Maybe browser cached it, also we add a random string to prevent caching.

    The other question would be why /var/lib/RepetierServer/log/server.log does not get updated. Could you delete the file and reboot to see if it gets recreated. Your disk ha splenty of free space so that is not the problem. One thing might be a corrupt file system on sd card. Have seen this happening and causing strange results. Do you always shutdown the pi (good) or just unplug power (bad)?
  • I'm experiencing the same problem.  I use mjpg_streamer that I compiled back in 2016 and start and stop it manually.  It's always worked fine with RS.  I just upgraded to 0.86.2 and have the same problem as the OP.  The stream works fine in the browser when called up directly, and the RS settings show both the static and streams, but in the UI for the printer, it pauses for about 4 seconds then shows the webcam image with the red line through it.  My server log is being output as it should, but I don't think it reveals anything earth shattering.  This is with a pcduino v2 board and the armel version of RS.

    2017-12-17 00:26:49: Start logging...
    2017-12-17 00:26:50: Imported allowed execute command printdone
    2017-12-17 00:26:50: Webdirectory: /usr/local/Repetier-Server/www/
    2017-12-17 00:26:50: Storage directory: /var/lib/Repetier-Server/
    2017-12-17 00:26:50: Configuration file: /usr/local/Repetier-Server/etc/RepetierServer.xml
    2017-12-17 00:26:50: Directory for temporary files: /tmp/
    2017-12-17 00:26:50: Reading firmware data ...
    2017-12-17 00:26:50: Starting Network ...
    2017-12-17 00:26:50: Active features:4095
    2017-12-17 00:26:50: Reading printer configurations ...
    2017-12-17 00:26:50: Reading printer config /var/lib/Repetier-Server/configs/I3Omega.xml
    2017-12-17 00:26:50: Starting printjob manager thread for I3Omega
    2017-12-17 00:26:50: Starting printer threads ...
    2017-12-17 00:26:50: Starting work dispatcher subsystem ...
    2017-12-17 00:26:50: Starting printer thread for I3Omega
    2017-12-17 00:26:50: Starting user database ...
    2017-12-17 00:26:50: Initalizing LUA ...
    2017-12-17 00:26:50: Register LUA cloud services
    2017-12-17 00:26:50: add Repetier-Renderer
    2017-12-17 00:26:50: LUA initalization finished.
    2017-12-17 00:26:50: Starting web server ... 
    2017-12-17 00:26:50: Webserver started.
    2017-12-17 00:26:50: Work dispatcher thread started.
    2017-12-17 01:01:57: Connection started:I3-Alpha
    2017-12-17 01:01:57: Reset printer I3-Alpha
  • This can result from a bug in 0.86.2 which now needs to interpret data just just blindly copy it through. We trat heaters case sensitive while we should not, causing some webcams to not route the mjpg stream. This is already fixed for 0.90.0.
  • When will 0.90.0 be released?
    Just did an Update check on my 0.86.2 and it says it's up-to-date.
  • It's a very big update so hard to say when everything is working good. Thing mid- late Q1 2018 depending on it goes. Starts just to speed up having solved the most difficult parts.
  • Had exactly the same issue with one of my connected printers. Printer Settings -> Webcamconfiguration showed a preview image of the ipcam stream, but webcam in printer webinterface showed the cam image with the red sign. Figured out that logging wasn't working for any reason. After deleting /var/lib/Repetier-Server/logs/server.log and rebooting the device everything is working fine again
  • Often I can now "reset" this issue and have the webcam back online after a reboot but eventually it will "Loose the connection" Again.
  • Ok, did a test based your description. Webcam working, disable webcam server -> Webcam not found. Restart webcam server and webcam does not appear again. This is a different issue then the one I already fixed. If static images still work for you this would mean webcam server is still on but does not get queried any more. In both cases server should at least try to reconnect to see if webcam is back. Will test and improve code for this as well.
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