RADDS v 1.5 for IDEX printer

Hi Repetier,

I am interesting to make an IDEX printer, then I have a question: is it possible use Repetier firmware for Arduino DUE and RADDS board with 6 stepper: X1, X2, Y, Z and E0, E1 extruder ?



  • If you mean if we can have one extruder with motor 1 and one with extruder 2 parked at opposite sides then the answer is yes. You need to use the dev version (1.0) and can select this in the x motor section in config tool (dual x motor)
  • Yes, I mean that you sad, but i have to use a board with 6 stepper drive on top of Arduino Due.

    For the RADDS board (v.1.5) I have to use an Ex stepper as a second X axis, it might be a problem ?


  • Why? RADDS has already 6 drivers on board? With extension board you can even control 8 steppers. Just select E2 as second X driver. It is not important what the driver is named to use it for any function.
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