Repetier 0.92 Duo 2.0a problem

Hello all! I recently have been trying to flash my Da vinci Duo 2.0a for the fact that I did not want to use their brand cartridges and their FW seems to suck. I followed the GitHub steps and updated the variants and cores. I then go into Arduino, verify the sketch, and then go to upload onto my printer. When I hit the upload button, I get the ( sketch used 207516 bytes of... yada yada yada...
then it will load up and complete loading the red bars. All the sudden it will disconnect the usb port and keep connecting and reconnecting. What have I done wrong? There were no errors when the sketch verification was ran. Thank you so much in advance for the help! By the way I am using Arduino 1.8.0 - DUE 1.6.8


  • If you connect do you get any messages on console?

    What might happen is that the watchdog is triggering every 4 seconds I think it is for due boards. Happens e.g. if you say you have i2c eeprom and it doe snot find the eeprom. Then it hangs with eeprom until it resets. Due normally has no eeprom so the board must have it and that can differ between boards. Not familiar with the da vinci, so maybe a davinci user might help here.

    Did you use the davinci fork from luc or our original?
  • On what console? The printer? I get two black bars across the screen. yeah I've hears that before that I should disable watchdog in variant.cpp by commenting the line wdenable();
    then reflash..  would you agree? BTW I have an SD card on the board would that have anything to do with it?
  • I also have been getting this message. Could this be part of the reason? This is after I drop the variants and usb cores into Arduino. Also do I have to update both sets as in
    1.6.9-due 1.6.8 and 1.8.0-due 1.6.8? or just one of them to Arduino?

  • Why are you editing variant.cpp? You can simply disable watchdog in configuration.h.
    Also you write like installing due variants is a manual task, which is wrong. All you do is select them in arduino ide->board manager and arduino installs them automatically or is it a special board that needs extra adjustments?
  • Editing is what I read on another forum. I did not know you could disable watchdog in configuration.h. So I do not have to drag the Hardware folder from repetier to Arduino? It said to in the instructions to update the cores and variants by dragging and dropping the Hardware folder from repetier to Arduino.
  • Ok, I see. That was a time ago where you could not disable it in firmware directly due to arduino programming, but in recent versions this no problem any more.
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