Temporarily disable thermal runaway check

I have a modular nozzle swapping system on my printer and have to reset the printer every time I swap the nozzle as the thermistor is disconnected during the swap-out. Is there a way to temporarily disable the thermal runaway protection and enable it with M commands or other means?


  • You can not disable it but M999 should reset it at least in dev version (1.0).
  • I tried M999, but it is not ideal as all motors and lights stop during the hotend swapout. Is it possible to build in a check to temporarily disable thermal runaway protection?
  • See event handling for felix pro in eventsystems in github version. There we made a test for the bed to remove the error after it comes back a sit has a swapable heated bed whcih triggers this for the bed sensor. YOu could use the same trick I think.
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