WebCam Settings

Hello everyone,

I just installed a RaspberryPi 3 with repetier server, I have my two printers hooked up to USB0 and USB1, then I installed 2 webcams so that I could see the printers. It's all working really great but I have a few questions.

1 - My webcam is a cheap logitech c170 which has a recommended resolution of 640x480 for live chat (which is the setting I used on repetier to be able to see the webcam, but it has a 1024 x 768 for recording. I want to record a timelapse but that means it will record at 640x480 instad of 1024x768, Is there a setting to configure those resolutions, I mean one for just checking your prints and the other to record timelapses?

2 - Is it possible to connect more printers to the same server in Pi3?, I mean I could hook up a usb hub and connect another printer and webcam, will this affect on performance?



  • Webcam resolution for viewing and recording is the same. It is mjpg_streamer that handles webcam and returns images so you always get what is configured there. And you can not use bigger images then supported by webcam. On the other side you should not use big resolutions since mjpg compression is bad and pi wifi/ethernet are a bit limited in what they can achieve.

    On a pi 3 you can run 5 printers with no problems if you do not create too much web traffic with many webcams viewed from different browsers. At some point the usb limit is reached and that is your limit.
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