PWM speed adjust

Hi. I am temporary using standard relays for both hot bed and nozzle heater. Why there is no option to control PWM speed for heaters, or some kind of "divider". There are some PWM speed options available, but the lowest are 16Hz. I need one - maby two per second to not kill my relays. I was using my printer in marlin(it has divider variable in config), but I cannot use my printer in repetier :(
What can I do to make PWMs at 1-2 Hz?


  • select Heat Managers 0
    see configuration.h

    #define EXT0_HEAT_MANAGER 0

  • For heated bed we have slow bang where you set a check interval.

    For extruders this was never really needed since the boards deliver enough power for normal extruders and 1-2Hz is also quite slow for PID. Alternatively use an external software relay.
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