Autoleveling error, Nozzle scratches the bed

I am a newbie, so I apologize if I say some stupid or my English is bad.

I Follow the indications in the documentation"documentation/repetier-firmware/z-probing/"

And calculate a distance to the bed of 1.64 mm, but when it starts to print I scratch the whole bed. I had to touch bed coating by hand, and just in 2.10 mm it worked. 
I probe to move the z axis 10cm and was well calibrated.

any ideas?


  • What is your homing setup? If z probe height is calibrated correctly, bed coating should be 0.
  • I mean more are you homing z max or z min and if z min do you use z probe for it, which is required to work correctly as z min endstop can not be fixed if you use autoleveling. In that case the 0 would be correct, but z min pin should be same as z probe pin. Then you can adjust with z probe height. You should use dev version of firmware in that case.
  • Sorry! my home z is Z MAX, and Z MIN is the probe. i need the dev version?
  • Then set endstop distance to a value larger then bed tilt, e.g. 2mm.
  • Dev version has solved many autoleveling issues so with these problems it is often better.
  • this app says the config file (branch develop) is invalid, and the size of the config file is the double...
  • Not sure what you mean. The link is for 0.92 and not dev version. Config file is bigger in dev but double sound a bit much.
  • How is the link to configure the dev version?
  • Start pagein 0.92 has a dev button on first page to switch.
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