Need help getting Repetier Firmware to compile...

Hi All,

Okay this is probably super simple but I am having a hard time getting things to compile using the Arduino IDE.
I downloaded and installed the Arduino IDE app for my Mac (OS X 10.10.3)
I have a fresh copy of the Repetier source files from the printer maker.
I also went through the Repeiter firmware download configurator for both .91 and .92 and downloaded the full configured code base.

I can open the project files in Arduino IDE, the files all load and look basically good.
I set the board and processor in the from the tools menu.
Not sure what to do with the Port and Programmer, bu for now I am doing this with the computer disconnected as I don't
want to risk messing up the working code already loaded in the printer.

I have had no luck with any of the firmware projects..though the errors are somewhat different.
Right now I am concentrating on getting the one from the manufacture to just
compile as I think that is a better starting point for me, plus it should just work if I could compile it as is and download it to the board.
I would be okay if I could get one of the configurator versions to work too as I think I have all the basic info to build a configuration.h file.

After opening the project when I click verify I get a considerable way through the compile with object files being generated etc.
Then it gets to "ui.cpp" where it starts throwing errors like crazy until is just fails.

The first error looks something like this:

/var/folders/78/mmr7x8vs0wv3w7mz2btj_z8m0000gp/T/build3599203533597481714.tmp/ui.cpp: In member function 'void UIDisplay::adjustMenuPos()':
/var/folders/78/mmr7x8vs0wv3w7mz2btj_z8m0000gp/T/build3599203533597481714.tmp/ui.cpp:2016:47: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'type name' with no type [-fpermissive]
     uint8_t mtype = HAL::readFlashByte((const prog_char*)&(men->menuType));

Thinking this might be am IDE config thing I tried using the supplied make file but that didn't just work and I prefer to use the IDE so I didn't chase that any further.

I'm sure this is a simple configuration issue to those familiar with these tools but I am stumped on where to go from here.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • I am posting a followup...

    While I was writing my above description of my problem it occurred to me that something I had not tired was to use the
    configurator to build a completely generic download this I mean I did not import my configuration.h file.

    Doing this I managed to get things to compile.
    This is good and I think it tells me that something is wrong or missing.

    Specifically since I have an LCD display (which I think is controlled by that ui.cpp file)
    I must need to include something in my build to get my original project to compile.

  • Found a work around.....

    Using Arduino 1.0.6 the code compiles just fine....

    This required installing Java 6 onto my Mac but after that, all works as expected.

    Must be a bug somewhere in the newer Arduino version...If I can figure out how I will try to report it.
  • Especially with newer Arduino IDEs you need 0.92 brach to compile. Arduino has changed compiler and libraries making old version incompatible. 0.92 was tested with 1.5.8 on windows to compile. When I get the time I will also test latest mac version with that branch in case some settings are different.
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