Automated Printing Issue

Hi  all,

I'm new to the product/forum but it seems like the best place to look for help.

I recently bought a "DOBOT Magician" which has a function of 3d printing and the manual suggest using Repetier Host.

After following all of the instruction in the manual, I am able to move the robot manually and even control the flow of the material, unfortunately when I go about printing a 3d model the g-code is send to the robot, and Repetier shows the movement but the robot itself is idle 

I would appreciate and suggestion that might help me fix the issue help me create my first hand made model.


  • I don't know that printer but if you can use manual control it is at least correctly setip in repetier-host.

    In such cases you should at first take a look at the log if it contains any hints, e.g. heating failed and it starts to ignore all following commands would be a typical reason.
  • I went through the log, It shows no errors, as I mentioned before the commands are being sent line by line without any errors, but the robot itself is idle during those commands

  • If dobot returns ok it has received the line and the error is either a wrong command send or firmware not doing what you expect as some conditions are not met, e.g. If it is configured to only m ove after homing and no homing done.
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