Get Endstop Status via Web API

I am wondering if there is any possibility to read the end stop states via the Web API. As the action "send" doesn't return any values "M119" doesn't work....

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  • Firmware output has no reference to commands issued so there can be no answer for this. As a module you can subscribe to all firmware answers and check if it is a m119 response and act on it. On the other end you would need to enable logging to get the same data.
  • I am not a 100% sure if I get you right:
    - Creating own modules with the module system API (which requires Pro Version) is possible.
    - Regarding your last sentence: Does it refer to the Web API or also on the module API? If it does refer to the Web API can you please give me an approach example? I already tried to get the information by setting the logLevel to 15

    What I tried so far is:
    action = activePrinter
    Payload = „printer“:“3DPrinterV2“

    action = sendMoves

    #from then I get the moves at least

    action = setLogLevel
    Payload = "level":15

    #But that unfortunately doesn't sends any more information
    Did I get something wrong?

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  • Option 3 is qhat you want. Do not forget also to send the printer. There might be a typo in docs if i forgot to fix that. Could also be setLoglevel .

    But it does not send response directly. All following lines will be send as an event!
  • Awesome, thank you very much!
    So for everyone who's interested:

    First step send as action "setLoglevel" --> take care of the typo!
    with payload: {"printer":"3DPrinterV2","level":4} --> replace "3DPrinterV2" with your printer's slug

    Maybe you have to try out different log levels, for the Endstops the right level is 4. For those struggling with the numbers:
    1 : Commands
    2 : ACK responses like ok, wait, temperature
    4 : Other responses
    8 : Non maskable messages

    You can combine the levels by adding the numbers up, e.g. for all logs it's 1+2+4+8=15

    From then you can use the action "send" with payload (in my case): {"cmd":"M119"}

    The Web API will answer you with something like that:

    Best regards
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