x stepper keeps going up


i am in the process of building first printer, a rostock with custom dimensions. using arduino mega 2560 + ramps 1.4.
after configuring config.h on the website. managed to home and manually move the carriages with no problem. on my first test print, it starts fine but x stepper keeps going up, every time a little more, if i stop print and home it all goes back to normal, till i start printing again..
any ideas? 


  • Crosstalk to x endstop. Also I would then expect x to go down. Are motor and signal cables twisted?
    Loosing steps from bad current setting (also i would expect here both directions).
    Missing steps.

    Strange thing is that it always goes up. Except if endstops block moves from beeing executed all other errors would happen in both directions.
  • Thanks for reply!
    I found that the pololu x drive was set at 5 amps and the rest to 1.4 amps. So I adjusted variable resistor to 0.9 amp in passive state to all of the driver's which when homing deliver 1.6 amps and printer working like a charm!
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