Ditto printing/Mixing Extruder

Hello Everyone, 
I'm with the Repetier 0.92.8 firmware, and I was trying to print with 2 Extruders (like Ditto) and be capable of control the percentage of the steps/mm (like Mixing Extruder using the ''weight''), so if I try just with Ditto: both extruders will get the same signal, like a mirror...
And if I try just Mixing Extruder, I lose the control of the thermistor of Extruder2, because mixing extruder is supposed to use just one Hotend, right?
So, is there any change I can do in the firmware, which will just let me print the same object, but be able to change the steps/mm of each extruder
Since the filament sometimes is diferent, I should extrude it with diferent temperature and diferent steps/mm...


  • No, ditto is really meant to make exact copy since we can only control one extruder. So here we just copy everything to solve this constraint. It is also meant for faster fabrication where you print same things with identical extruders and materials so normally no problem.
  • Mmm, ok that's good to know, Thank you.
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