The second motor Z

With repetier 0.92 ...ramps 1.4 y mega 2560 delta rostock .... Can i activate the second motor de z


  • Yes, you can use E1 for the second z motor and enable z mirror in configuration. In config tool it will then show the selector for the second motor socket.
  • thks .... 
  • sorry can u tell me how can enable a third Mirror motor signals to third stepper driver (FEATURE_THREE_ZSTEPPER) ...thks

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    mirror motor... can i make a mirror stteper motor from X or  Y  motor en delta printer ...when i have a config one nozzle two eXtruders?  thks

  • Same as 2 motors. Enable "Mirror motor signals to third stepper driver (FEATURE_THREE_ZSTEPPER) in config tool and select 3rd stepper socket from dropdown for 3rd stepper driver.
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