Levelling Z table position

Hi guys I have a question. When I home the z table manually, it homes without any problem but when starts  printing it homes z table by touching endstop , right after it goes back.As a result there has been 2 or 3 mm gap between nozzle and table.I know it is a basic questıon but I am just a starter.

thanks in advance


  • SOunds like your manual home command is not G28? Homing touches endstop, goes back and touches again endstop. That is the right procedure for z homing. If it does not go back the back move might be too short. It must go as far back as needed to disable z endstop and some mechanical endstops take a bit more.
  • Please check also log for potential error messaages.
  • Is there any way not to let z table go back ?
  • No, it is part of precise homing. On second try it moves slower normally so you can have higher homing speeds without loosing precision.
  • thank you so much for helping and quick reply
    I appreciate it.
    Beside this question , My printer is corexy
    Do I need to calibrate x y and z motors ?
    For sure I calibrated extruder .
    My problem is when printing second layer , nozzle is touching to the printing object
    I thought it is the calibration issues???

    thank you in advance
  • xyz must be ste correctly of course. For xy you might need to multiply steps per mm by 2 or sqrt(2) compared to what you compute to move a single belt to get correct distances. Also make sure to move aways from xy andstops when touched so homing x always ends with x endstop not triggered or it might block x motor until sensor is not triggered any more.

    If you extrude too much you will touch the printed object. Having xy too lof would add more plasic per mm as planned so that might be the reason.
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