Server stops running when logged in with mobile


i am new to this server. I flashed an raspberry Pi 3 with the image and connected 1 printer and 1 webcam. All runs fine if controlled via repetier host or chrome on pc. But if someone connects to the webinterface with an smartphone (android or iphone) the site loads and the pop up "connection lost" shows up. The Pi doesnt recover alone. Running prints are stopping. The only way to get the server back running is to power off the device.

Is there anything i am missing?


  • It might be a connection speed problem. The webcam output gets buffered if connection is too slow and that could maybe eat up all memory causing a stall.  But only when viewing webcam, so not when you are on the start page not seeing it.

    Maybe you could login via pc with ssh and run "htop" ot "top" to see if a process start getting all cpu time or memory is running out.

    I personally do not have this problem and can see everything.

    BTW: Is this a recent smartphone or an old one? We use modern HTML 5 with javascript so old smartphones may add problems if browser is old.
  • I'll try the top when the print is finished.

    The phones are decent new. Samsung Galaxy S7 and the newest Iphone what ever :)
  • So newer then my testing devices that worked:-) But yes finish first print before testing if you expect a problem.
  • Hi,

    so i tested again. Now with no printjob running i was able to navigate a little trough the frontend. But at some point i clicked on the Home-button (the house) and i lost connection on the mobiledevice, on repetierhost and the ssh terminal.

    Here is the last screen from the terminal

    i know the description is awful. If the error is on pc i would record an screencast :(
  • I see all 4 relevant software programs and none is using excessive cpu or memory. So from that point there is no reason to crash. That you also lost connection on ssh/host lets me think that more then just a server bug is involved. If server crashes mobile would loose connection, but ssh should survive this as it is not using host but linux ssh. So this gives us not enough information on the problem and you need to search more inside linux. I would check /var/log/syslog around 21:50. There linux logs most important stuff and since everything is affected I guess you will find some hints there. 

    Was ssh over ethernet or also wifi? It might be that just wifi stopped working. Also question would would be why this happens if you use a mobile and not from pc.
  • It was over wifi.

    I am not an linux expert, so its kind of a riddle for me. I used the stock image. Didnt do anything with the host system.
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