Since the eagle files for the heated bed of the ORIGINAL PRUSA I3 MK2 is open source i plan to make a few of them

and also the firmware is open source,

so i wonder if the "special" bed level routine will find its way in to repetier? or will that only happen if a PM finds its way to github?


  • i have no idea on how to do this but this file looks interesting

  • repetier firmware allready has a very good multi point and mesh bed levellig
  • i think you completely missed the point here

    please reread the subject and explain to me how repetier currently will handle a skewed bed or frame that is skewed

    i think still that the prusa MK2 is the only one that can do that
  • I'm not 100% sure how this works but it is a interesting, but also complex solution prusa uses there. Nothing you can write correctly without a printer having such a bed and some time. I think it requires finding the center of the special points and a lot of extra variables to define where they should be.

    Firmware it self has already skew correction included but no way to compute it. So all it requires a computation of the errors and storing required correction.

    So yes, if someone having printer+bed and writes a push request for it I will surely import it, but without the hardware it is not possible to write it.
  • prusa has allready written it for their "special" copy of marlin so cant it simply be taken from there?
  • Taken, to some extend, simply not as you need to rewrite most of the code to match firmware. But you can use most of the logic which is probably the hardest part of it.
  • specially if you like me dont know how to code.

    Oh well, i guess i have to stick to the mk2 bed

    i do have put out a few feelers and most say it would be awesome to have but no one have taken up the task of programming it
  • Yes, I imagine that. As I said it is tricky and might take a week to program. Depends a bit how good functions work out of the box. And you need the printer for it as such complex solutions always produce errors somewhere. But still hope someone comes with a a PR for it as I think the solution is elegant, also it only works with special bed/sensor combination.
  • https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mk42-heatbed-first-spin

    would one of these beds help you ? if a probe follows with it ?
  • @Repetier there are a few samples left if it helps anything
  • Considering my time schedule i still hope someone else jumps onto it.
  • @Repetier  everywhere i have asked it has been a no-no. i have thought about crowdsourcing the dev cost it would take to get it implemented but i guess that would not change anything either

    Side Q... could repetier be run on say a duet wifi board or is that still out in the future?
  • Everyone seems to know that it is not so easy to add. Duet is not supported.
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