Use the SD to load and save the eeprom like with "Ultratronics" board

edited March 2017 in Repetier-Firmware
The dear Alberto (MagoKimbra) has implemented in its firmware ("MKDuo") the possibility of using the SD to perform load and save eeprom, not only for the "Ultratronics" board, that not having the eeprom chip installed, also for the other board like "Arduino Atmel 2560".
Roland, please could you implement this thing even in Repetier DEV?
See the commit about this thing here, the latest:




  • We also have this for due based boards without eeprom. This requires to store data in ram. So extra 4kb ram is required as we make axcessive use of eeprom. This is too much for a avr so we can not do it there.
  • Ok, i agree, thanks!
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